A consultation with Blank Canvas includes an industry overview and review of production processes, as well as suggestions and advice about marketing, sales and fabric sourcing. The first 30 minute consolation is free, and focuses on our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.


Technical Drawing

This is a clear digital front and back flat drawing of your product. Sewers need it as reference for sewing your garment and it dictates the construction of your garment. We will work with you to define your ideas and solidify your design.


Fabric Vendors

We offer our prix fixe clients a comprehensive list of fabric and notion vendors, suppliers, and agents for both small and large production. We offer recommendations and introductions for clients and their specific needs.



This is the to-scale blueprint of your garment. It is done by hand and contains all the pieces that need to be cut out in order to sew together your product. It comes with a cutter’s must and any sewing room or factory in the world can cut and sew your garment from the pattern we provide.


Muslin Sample

This is an unfinished mock up of your product in an inexpensive fabric so that you can review it in 3D for fit and proportion.



This is an in person review of your muslins or final samples with your pattern maker. We will go over fit and proportion changes in person to translate your patterns and move forward with new samples or production.


Digital Grading

At this step, we digitize your perfect patterns and grade them to the sizes you want to produce. It is all saved as digital files that can be printed on a roll of paper for production cutting.



Once we have made a finished salesman’s sample, we can get production prices based on the desired production quantity. We have no minimums but prices decrease the more quantity in a given production run.