They helped us from start to finish from initial idea to sample and made each step seamless with advice and industry experience.”

Anna is so incredibly helpful! They helped us from start to finish from initial idea to sample and made each step seamless with advice and industry experience. Anna is such a pleasure to work with that we are going to continue into production with her because she has become our go to person! Communication is super easy and fast, turn around time for pattern and samples were extremely quick and the work exceeded expectations! Anna was able to create a 25+ piece pattern for us from scratch with just an initial design. We also received a perfect 1st round sample. Anna also recommended we go with a Muslin sample before cutting into our expensive fabrics which we are so grateful she did. Everything was perfect and easy. Thanks again Anna for all your help! :)

- L.Viola-Vu & Team

“A pleasure!”

Anna has been very accommodating, patient, and quick to respond to our questions and concerns. Anna has really helped us get our line out the door in a very short amount of time and we are truly grateful! Thank You!

- Adina Schwab

A female Jesus modernized for the masses

I requested some rather eccentric samples I can say Anna delivered without question. I knew my ideal would have been a challenge for any manufacturer working with a new clothing designer like myself. I gave her a chance due to her kind quick response and professionalism within her first inquiry email. I told her what I wanted and she called me that same day and assured me that my ideal being as unique and eccentric as it is was no problem for her skills and she gave me a two-week window to get all my fabrics and sketches in order so she could start immediately. I did this December 2 and gave her my fabrics December 4. Given the holidays I expected a delay but she wrote me and said how excited her team was to work on my project and no holiday would delay them in delivering excellent service to new clients trying to make a name for themselves. These were her exact words by the way. I received my samples December 20 which was a lot sooner than anticipated. I requested 16 different outfits all tactical military apparel with hard cuts and unique stitching with detailed pieces to connect and they delivered sooner than they told me with precision only Jesus could deliver. What manufacturing company you know does that......She was amazing.....I recommend her to anyone trying to decipher who to pick first when scrolling through this nexus of sewing companies.

- Graylin Lutchey

Designer Anna McCraney Doesn’t Care What You Think of Reality TV.

— NY Magazine

Anna McCraney was the original winner of The Fashion Show in 2009, Bravo’s Isaac Mizrahi–helmed reality show, nabbing a prize of $125,000 to launch her own business. Though Bravo’s rotating reality-show pantheon achieves notoriety during filming, few contestants have been able to channel their winning streak into lasting professional success. But McCraney claims she never harbored latent fame fantasies. “People take this all sorts of ways, but for me, it really was about the money — being able to invest in my company,” she says.

Do you think there’s a perception that you’re not serious about fashion because you came from a reality show?
I don’t take it that seriously. It’s fashion; it’s supposed to be fun. I’m not looking to be Alexander McQueen, and I’m not looking to be this high-fashion couture designer. I just want to make clothes that are cute and fun and make people look and feel good. It’s much more about wearable fashion for me.  However I do that, whether through my own line or helping build someone else's, I am contributing and making it work for everybody.


Anna is a lifesaver!

I am a very small business and mom / fashion designer. I was very overwhelmed and a little intimidated to take the leap into manufacturing but it's now necessary as my business has seen some growth. I don't have a ton of money to waste on guessing my way through this process but Anna has made it so EASY and affordable. I am truly grateful to have found her and can't wait for all the future projects we will work on. Thank you Anna for being one of the good eggs left in this industry! Cheers!

—Crystal Lee

“Blank Canvas is the BEST”

There are not enough words to describe how truly amazing Anna is. We are beyond new at this, and she has never once made us feel like it. She is always kind, helpful, resourceful, and just overall an awesome person. She is the reason that we are able to create our clothing line. Without her, I genuinely do not know how we could be able to pull this off. She is always honest about the time it will take to complete each task and she makes it very clear about how each step will work. She goes above and beyond and is never rude to us (even though I'm sure we are very annoying). She also delivers amazing work, especially in a short amount of time, and she gives wonderful advice whenever we ask for it. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Elizabeth Babinski



Anna is very responsible and professional. She is just an awesome person to communicate and so helpful ! Amazing attitude and professionalism! And her patterns fit very well. She knows what she's doing and she will make your work fun. Most importanly she's very straight forward ! She won't rip you off like many other pattern/sample makers out there in this industry. We worked with four different pattern makers before Anna it had been a nightmare ! But that's a history for us. We are very glad to be working with Anna.


I can't believe how well they nailed everything the first round of patterns and samples.

I am a new designer and had no idea what to expect once starting my line. Anna and her team created patterns and samples for my women's ready to wear line. Everything was so easy from the beginning that I actually thought there was going to be a catch or that once I received my samples I would be disappointed. However the samples arrived and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and fit! I can't believe how well they nailed everything the first round of patterns and samples. I thought I would have to make a ton of revisions, and go back and forth... but NO! Very talented and professional team with clear communication and no surprises. They are friendly and willing to answer any questions and give great advice. Anna and Alayna are always quick to respond to emails or calls. Nothing but good things from them! Highly recommend. Will continue to use for all my future patterns and samples!

— Melinda Holtzman

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